Attorney Evictions, Unlawful Detainers in California for Landlords
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Eviction Lawyer Services

Over 7,300 units represented in California monthly. Over $4.6 million in rents recovered and $6.2 million  saved in units rehabs since 2007.

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Law Offices of Albert Robles provides clients with the best habitability, fair housing, code enforcement, mold, bed bugs and other health issues representation in California.

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Owner Rights

Landlords have Rights that need to be protected, especially against bogus complaints, and civil actions. The Law Offices of Albert Robles provide a 100% effort at all times to ensure our clients profits aren't mugged in a legal process.

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“Albert Robles and his staff are the most efficient and diligent Landlord-Tenant Law Firm I have dealt with in my 20 plus years as a landlord in California. Evictions, fair housing, mold, bugs, code enforcements, and defense of non-sensical civil lawsuits without getting our insurance carriers involved has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars the past 6 years. Frankly he does is best in my opinion. His training as a Lawyer and decades of crafting governmental processes has made him one of our most valued assets. He has a wonderful staff to matches up to his standards.”
Casas Mangement Group- High Desert
“The Law Offices of Albert Robles are property managers dream come true Real Estate legal team. Respected at the courts and at governmental agencies insures you get fair treatment. Before Robles we lost money in legal issues. He has turned that aronud to the point are profit margines have nearly doubled!”
M. Smith, Torrance
“Every industry has trailblazing innovators and then the followers. With the assistance of Albert Robles and his staff, we are looked upon as trailblazers. Evictions just a beginning to why this law firm needs be part of your real estate development team.”
J. Moore, Ventura
“Did you know that unless you are rent controlled it is easy to get rid of nusiances in your properties. I did not! Robles and his staff are 85110ucessful in getting rid of problems without ever filing for eviction.”
Mariana C., Bakersfield
“I can not begin to tell you how much money Albert Robles's Law Firm saved us on a single commercial client we needed evicted before closing our $62 million escrow. Moreover, he did it without ever filing the unlawful detainer. We had no agreement with this tenant as the original had sold the business and left us with a nightmare.”
GGPM Commercial Properties, Orange County
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